Tank Op Explainer Video

Explainer Video / October 2020

OK wish to make some new videos promoting their functionality in their app in a style inspired by Headspace's beautiful playful animation and illustration, but with a bit more detailed and human look. As well as in a style and feel that there could be strong and recognizable enough to be used and build upon in future production and branding.


Art Direction, Management, Storyboarding, Illustrating, Animating, Sound Design


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Audition

Client: Shape

End Client: OK a.m.b.a


To solve the wish to make cartoonish style inspired by Headspace App explainer videos but in a more serious and more human look alike. I started out with propper research and testing things, with a process where the client was included in the hole design process


Final Character Design


Choosen Style References


Choosen Style References


For making the process as clear and transparent as possible for the client a detailed storyboard, final frames & animatic was made. 

Final Styleframes