Digital Strategy Explainer Video

Explainer Video / December 2021

From direction and guidance from my contact and collaborator Manyone and Novo Nordisk representative. I made this explainer video from start to finish, except for delivering the script, speech, and music.  The video was intended for internal use about their new digital strategy and goals and aligned with the visual identity used in their presentation for their digital strategy.


Art Direction, Design, Illustrating, Animating, Sound design & management.


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Audition, 


Manuscript: Annette Kragh Jacobsen

Music: Electronic Love by Magnetize Music

Stock Video Materials: GettyImage Stock


Contact & Colaborator:



A part of the processes is documented underneath. The process was designed and made as transparent as possible with multiple choices and opportunities to influence the process, so the client had the best opportunities to get the final result they wished for, and was happy to know that it was a success both for their ordinances, Manyone and Novo Nordisk.


Style reference frame from Novo Nordisk Presentation

My styleframes options


Moodboards  |  OBS! Not original work! Made with content from variable sources.

Storyboard Animatic

Designed and illustrated sceens as animatic