Motion Corpse No. 32

Challenge & Collaboration / October 2017

Motion Corpse is a collaboration challenge based on the Surrealist game called “Exquisite Corpse” what I was so lucky to get the opportunity again to anticipate in because of a withdraw from one of the participants. That game starts with one person drawing something and then folding the paper so that the next person can only see a small part of it before making their contribution. After everyone takes a turn, the final illustration is revealed to all participants. This random process creates unexpected combinations that could not have been planned out in any conscious way. These happy accidents can be inspirational design tools.


Designing, Illustrating, Animating a 5s part of the animation


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop


Designed and Animated by: Joash Berkeley 00:02 – 00:07, Olle Engstrom 00:07 – 00:12, Handel Eugene 00:12 – 00:17, Jens Ullerup 00:17 – 00:22, and Jay Castro & Thalia McWatt 00:22 – 00:27

Music: “Spider Leg Dance”

My contribution to this 32nd edition of Motion Corpse.

The final frame there was passed on to me that I should start with. Made by Handel Eugene


My designed frame contribution that I also should end my 5-second animation on.