Go’ Madpakke Case Study Film

Case Study Sales Video / November 2017

A case study animation film I did for TV 2 Denmarks TV show “GO’ Madpakke” explaining the benefits of being an AFP partner and sponsor for the show. Will primarily be used for sales presentations and alike. The client wanted to avoid the traditional feel and look of case study videos there often felt long, boring, and with a lack of a visual identity strong enough to include all the different kinds of media this case withhold.


Art Direction, Storyboarding, Illustrating, Animating


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Maxon Cinema 4D

Client: TV 2 Danmark


Choosen moodboard version  |  OBS! Not original work! Made with content from variable sources.


The client wished to have an original look at their case film there could withhold both text and video. I came up with serial ideas here the client ended up happily choosing this style and mood.

There was also included storyboard & final frames processes in the project so the client was on top of all in the whole process. 


Custom made choosen style references