TV2 Lorry - Danish Election 2022 Graphics

Data-driven motion graphics Package / November 2022

 At the time I was working at TV2 Lorry (Kosmopol) and was tasked with creating a graphic solution for the Danish election. It needed to be compatible with their live machinery and be easily modified on short notice, as things can change quickly during an election day. Additionally, it needed to be simple enough for junior motion graphics designers to execute when I wasn't present.

While we were provided with the overall design and animation, the delivery of the package from TV2 was delayed and contained several flaws, including missing key components and solutions for the more complex graphics, such as statistics and polls. Below is a selection of the graphics I made based on the guideline that was needed for us.

Despite these challenges, I managed to prepare all the necessary elements in time, and even when I wasn't at work, everything went smoothly. TV2 Lorry was very pleased with the design and solution, and even believed we had solved the use of the design guides better than the main channel. 


Design Lead, Team Manager, Art Director, Senior Motion Graphic Designer


Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Excel


TV2 Lorry


My solution for all graphics based on data was to make them data-driven. The motion graphics designers were able to extract information from .cvs spreadsheet files that anyone could edit, and the graphics in After Effects would live update.

No one had to touch anything in After Effects except rendering the right composition out. In addition to "normal" After Effects animation, everything was created using expressions in After Effects so that it could communicate with the .cvs file and automatically calculate things like comparison to last election, placement, and positive or negative time values.

Here is a selection of graphics there automatic data-driven:

There were also other graphic elements and challenges that required attention. Here is a selection below.