This was my final assignment for the Animation Bootcamp course from School of Motion. Where I could combine all the knowledge and techniques, I have learned through the course.

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Animation Bootcamp

Animation Bootcamp is an intensive 6-week course with a focus on learning the fundamentals for animation based on Disney 12 principles of animation and other fundamental tools for animation. We were given a couple of assignments, lessons, and materials each week. Assigned to a personal tutor who was giving personal feedback on my assignment and a forum for all the participants could give critique, network, and be inspired.


After reading an article on Motionographicer from a guy who had anticipated in the course. He was writing about his frustration about why everyone else animation is looking so good but his suck and how it changed after he had done this course. Even then I saw myself as a pretty profound animation before I could easily refer to what he was writing. I had not to regret the ones that I took the course, and my animation skills have improved a lot.
You can see some of my solutions through the course below. All materials were mainly given to each project so we could concentrate on the animation knowledge.

Learned: Animation Technics & Knowledge in After Effects

OBS: All material and design was given and is not original artwork

My Process

00 Evaluation

Before the course started, we were given an evaluation assignment so there could get an idea of or level. Materials were beeing provided, and the only restriction was to animate all on screen.

01 Every Frame Counts

First on the list was to get an understanding of the importance of how different an animation can depend on the process of getting from A to B in an animation.

So in the first assignment, they forced us to work with “cel animation”/”frame by frame” animation to think about every frame instead of only the key frame as in After Effect there making the in-between frames for you.


02 Step Three

In this lesson, we got introduced to the value curve editor which is a tool a lot of After Effect animator is unaware of or don’t know how to use. But is a universal tool in almost any profound animation program and I a tool there can help you improve your animation a lot.

In this assignment, we could try out our newfound knowledge and learn to love the curve editor.

03 Dogfight

The next step was the other graph editor available i After effects, the speed editor. There in some situations can be more profound to use than the value curve.

This assignment was a situation where the speed editor would be better, and this was my result.

04 Dreidel

Then we learn more about some of the Disney’s 12 principles of design. “Oscillation,” ”Anticipation” and “Overshoot.”

We got to different assignment to try out what we had learned.  One where we should do our best to make it feel gelly and smooth (04 Dreidel) and the other should feel mechanic (04 Cow blast).

04 Cowblask

Part 2 of the assigment

05 Bounces

It is necessary to have a good understanding of animation to get a ball bounce to feel right as the ball you want to interpolate.

So challenge here was to make a ball’s weight, size, and material to animate believably.

06 Nudl

“Follow through” is one of the core animation principles there really can make your animation come alive. This animation was my result.

07 Pong Challenge

“Squash & Stretch” is a basic animation principle as well for making animations come alive and was what we should learn about in this lesson.

08 Brainhole - Part Deux

Next up was the understanding and learning about secondary animation which can give so much extra to the animation.

Or assignment was the same as or evaluation task, so we as well could see how much we had improved sins we had started the course.


09 Circle Society

It was now time to combine the knowledge we had learned and adding some reinforcement to or animation. It is something there can bind the animation more together, make it smoother.


10 Ministry of Eye Control

Getting control over where the audience looks and leading the audience to right places at the screen and animation. It is something there can make an okay animation great.

Here my result from the lesson.


11 Scrapbook Elvis

The last lessons were about making an animation where most of the other rule doesn’t count. We were here learning about making an animation look like fx. Stop motion and make it look rougher in the animation.


12 Final Project

The final assignment is the one at the top of the page!

Please check it out!